Some Simple Guidance On Root Criteria For Online Fashion

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by Ecommerce News . About Online store with tags Switzerland . 408 views. Sporting goods retailer Intersport is far behind the online competition, with ecommerce accounting for just one percent of its total turnover. The new CEO, Victor Duran, wants to change this by offering more attractive online stores. “If we can’t offer attractive online stores, we will depend on the competition”, Duran tells the SonntagsZeitung. He was appointed CEO since the beginning of this year and he wants to further expand Intersport’s online business. Currently, the sport goods retailer generates just one percent of its total sales online, while in Europe the average is 10 percent and in the US it’s even 20 percent, Lead Digital writes . “If we are going to do this only in 2020, then we risk losing a considerable part of our business”, he worries.

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