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But on Saturday night, Imogen revealed the work that went into ensuring her body was in shape for the event, before admitting she's now embarking on an epic food binge. Getting a-bread:  After flaunting her body in outrageous outfits, Imogen Anthony (pictured) is marking the end of Fashion Week by devouring baguettes, donuts and caramel popcorn Posting to her Instagram Story, the girlfriend of Kyle Sandilands divulged that she 'ate fish and rice for two months straight', before declaring she's now 'going to eat whatever the f**k I want'. She detailed the list of food items that she was set to devour on the quiet night at home. 'Tonight I'm going to watch Netflix, watch 13 Reasons Why, eat an entire baguette of bread because I deserve it,'  she said. 'Then possibly eat a donut that I ordered earlier.' Shock top! The 26-year-old let her phallic crop top do the talking at Fashion Week Netflix and chill: After a tough week, the girlfriend of Kyle Sandilands is having a quiet Saturday at home watching Netflix and munching down on junk food Popcorn-lover: Imogen admitted she's planning to ingest three bags of caramel popcorn Not yet finished listing her delicious snacks, the blonde Instagram-addict continued to describe what she planned to munch down on.   'I also bought three bags of caramel popcorn,' she said. 'The packets were only small so I plan on ingesting all three of them.' It comes after a tough week for Imogen, who earlier that day slammed a Sydney reporter who claimed she smelt of 'freshly sprayed Impulse' and 'spat the dummy' after being asked to move from the front row during a TAFE show.  Baring her assets: The controversial blonde 'ate fish and rice for two months straight' before flaunting her body in daring attire at Fashion Week Imogen seemingly addressed the animosity in the video. It appeared to be one of the factors motivating the socialite, who was rocking messy blonde hair and a black, metal band T-shirt, to binge on the junk food. 'When you've deal with a day like I've dealt with and all the f**kwits that go with it, sometimes you've just got to go, "You know what, I don't care right now.

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