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If you'd like to learn more... Does your Instagram feed have you seeing red? No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the upcoming Baywatch movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zack Efron. It’s a promotional giveaway that has taken a life of its own – and it’s backfiring big time. READ MORE: Quebec mom’s email about homework to her daughter’s teacher is going viral It all started when a company called Sunny Co Clothing posted a picture Tuesday of a woman wearing a red one-piece bathing suit sitting with her feet in a pool. Instagram users were told that if they re-posted the picture within 24 hours and tagged Sunny Co Clothing, they would receive a promo code to which they could apply to get a free Pamela Sunny Suit ($64.99). All they had to do was cover the costs for shipping and handling, but a portion of all the proceeds would go to Alzheimer’s research. And that’s when thing got out of control. The people at Sunny Co had not anticipated a response this big and had to address the issue by releasing a statement. The statement was posted on the company’s Instagram page, NBC News reports.

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Seeing everyone post pictures in their bathing suits makes me not wanna get in mine 10 times more lol .. ever seen a walking potato

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