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Clinton believes that its time for us to take that now-outdated authorization, and really think about what we are confronting, and work together to reach some legislative-executive accord about what it is were doing, Kaine told Axelrod. Its time for Congress to get back in the game and refine and revise that authorization. Seventy percent of the current Congress wasnt in office when lawmakers approved the 2001 AUMF, and Americas terrorist enemies have morphed and changed, the senator argued. Obama called in a May 2013 speech for revising and repealing ชุด คู่รัก แฟชั่น คู่รัก the 2001 AUMF, saying it was time to get America off a perpetual wartime footing. His top aides have since admitted that the job will fall to the next president . No lawmaker has worked harder than Kaine to get Congress to debate and vote on an AUMF that specifically covers the Islamic State. We have allowed President Obama to wage เสื้อ โปโล คู่รัก พร้อม ส่ง an executive war of his own choosing without any congressional permission for nearly two years, Kaine told Virginia Military Institute cadets at their graduation in mid-May. Its not hard to imagine that a future president will use this example to also justify initiating war without the permission of Congress. Clinton had sent mixed messages about whether she would seek a new AUMF, but lined up earlier this year squarely behind her running mates view. View photos President Barack Obama speaks as he campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens, Oct. 20, 2016. (Photo: Susan Walsh/AP) More A spokesman for her campaign, Jesse Lehrich, told Yahoo News in July that the former secretary of state agrees with Senator Kaine that if we are serious เสื้อ คู่รัก จตุจักร about confronting ISIS, Congress ought to express its resolve to stand behind our military and win this fight by passing a new AUMF. After stalling at the request of vulnerable Democratic lawmakers facing the 2014 midterm elections, Obama finally submitted an ISIS-specific AUMF to Congress in February 2015, but its essentially dead . The legislation reflected his national security aides desire that it not tie his hands. The document authorized airstrikes in Iraq and Syria in the followingthree years.

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