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Jacinda Ardern and Donald Trump Ms Ardern denied this, and said she had merely spoken about an outside observer's impression of the meeting. Tom Sainsbury, a friend of Ms Ardern's, had told local radio: "I don't know if I should be saying this, but she said that Donald Trump was confused for a good amount of time thinking that she was Justin Trudeau's wife." The interview sparked headlines in New Zealand that Mr Trump had not known who Ms Ardern was. Ms Ardern later denied this. In a New Zealand TV (NZTV) interview on Monday, she said: "Someone observed that they thought that it happened, but in all my interactions, certainly President Trump didn't seem to have confused me when I interacted with him. But someone else observed this." She would not specify who observed the meeting, but admitted she had shared the incident with a number of friends afterwards. Grilled by a NZTV host for several minutes, she said she had told the "full story" to her friends. She said she had given Mr Sainsbury "a shortened version" of events, but believed she had made clear it was an observer's impression of what happened. "I said there was some confusion over who I was," she said, adding that she could see now how it could have been misinterpreted. "Tom's a mate of mine. I shared a story with him, he shared it with someone else, I can see how that then spirals ... it is a trifling matter.


Photo: Imaxtree Alegra O'Hare, VP of brand communications for Adidas , says utilizing a series of drops for the brand's Alexander Wang collaboration is a way to maintain momentum throughout the season and for subsequent collections (the partnership is currently in its second season). "Our audience is always looking for newness, and this strategy allows us to capture excitement for each new product release," she explains. In this instance, it also relates to the campaign narrative involving models as bike messengers making deliveries . "It gives the consumer a journey to follow as the collection is brought to market," she adds. Despite new riffs, the drop strategy is, at its core, a tried-and-true approach in the realm of streetwear. As managing director of Highsnobiety , the men's lifestyle site that consulted with Barneys on its event and served as a media partner, Jeff Carvalho saw firsthand how the strategy is gaining momentum in other categories, particularly among streetwear-adjacent labels that participated in The Drop @ Barneys, like Off-White and Amiri. "It's something that's been around within streetwear and the skate world for probably the better part of a decade," Carvalho says. "It's a new behavior that, now, the bigger guys are starting to realize works for a young demo." He also believes this method of retail can be replicated to reach more shoppers in other age groups. "I don't have any data to show this is effective with an older consumer, but I think the approach is interesting in that a traditional shopper is now seeing this as another opportunity to get their hands on good stuff," he says.

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